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Gender & Women's Studies: Books

Searching Tips to Get Started

The Robert L. Carothers Library and Learning Commons contains a wide variety of books to support your course work in Gender & Women's Studies. An effective strategy for searching on a topic is to begin with keywords - significant nouns that describe what you want to learn about. If you search the URI Libraries Search using a simple KEYWORD search, then you can explore the subject headings located within each item's record that are used to describe it. Clicking on those headings can lead you to more targeted resources.  

Example: women sex trafficking

Example:  Feminism United States History 20th Century

Finding Books through the URI Libraries

Search the URI Libraries Search by keyword, subject, author or title. Identify the items you need and follow the Library of Congress call number to the proper locations.You can search the catalog using either of two search interfaces: the Advanced Search or the Simple Search. Try both to see which works best for you.

The InRhode catalog searches for items in other academic and public libraries in Rhode Island.

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