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Gender & Women's Studies: Reference Materials

Encyclopedias, Handbooks and Dictionaries

With any research project, finding background information on your topic can help you narrow your focus and develop a research question or thesis statement. Encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries provide access to a wide array of topics and introduce you to important terms that may be useful when searching for books and journal articles.

Women's studies reach across disciplines; however you can locate general reference materials geared toward women's studies in the catalog by adding the source type, such as encyclopedia, to a SUBJECT KEYWORD search, like this: women encyclopedias or women handbooks or women dictionaries.

Below is a selection of some of our reference titles, organized by broad sub-topics; however, it is by no means comprehensive. The above examples may also lead you to titles in our circulating collection. Give it a try! 

Feminist Theory and Philosophy

Gender and Society

Women Throughout History

Women and Politics

Global Women's Issues

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