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New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Primary source newspaper collection addressing the experience of U.S. soldiers during World War I, covering 1916-1921. Camp newspapers, most of which were published under the auspices of the National War Work Council of the Y.M.C.A., kept soldiers informed about the home front, political questions of the day, the war abroad, and camp life.
Primary source collection of more than sixty newspapers from the collections of the American Antiquarian Society. The Flash Press arose and crested between the 1830s and the 1850s. These papers covered the seamier aspects of urban life: crime, scandal, brothels and blackmail, combined with reviews of the bawdiest theatrical performances on offer and reports on sporting events such as cock-fighting, boxing and horse racing.
Electronic collection of approximately 100,000 pages of non-fiction writings by over 1,000 major American Black leaders—teachers, artists, politicians, religious leaders, athletes, war veterans, entertainers, and other figures—covering 250 years of history. Includes letters, speeches, prefatory essays, political leaflets, interviews, periodicals, and trial transcripts.
Over 775,000 high-quality runway, back-stage and street-style photographic images from international fashion shows across Paris, London, New York, and Milan in the late 1970s to 2000, presented alongside biographies and scholarly articles for context.
Over 2700 videos of fashion shows held between 1979 and 2003 exhibiting the work of over 450 international designers.
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing in collaboration with the Churchill Archives Centre, the Churchill Archive includes more than 800,000 pages of original documents, produced between 1874 and 1965, ranging from Winston S. Churchill’s personal correspondence to his official exchanges with kings, presidents, politicians, and military leaders.
Original source, non-edited and non-redacted “grey literature” (non-peer reviewed) in English, centered on climate change and the law, including corporate law, environmental law and human rights law. Materials in the collection originate from a wide range of organizations in the public and private sector, institutions, and/or individuals, world-wide. Edited by the Human Rights Internet (HRI) in Ottawa, Canada.
Digital Theatre+ offers videos of over 500 full-length productions of a wide range of performances; in-depth interviews with industry professionals and theatre artists; learning resources such as study guides and concise introductions to theatre and performance topics by leading academics; documentaries and masterclasses on the work of key figures in theatre.
Reference work covering the Jews of Muslim lands particularly in the late medieval, early modern and modern periods. Updated regularly with newly commissioned articles, illustrations, multimedia, and primary source material.
Primary source collection produced in collaboration with the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive. Features thousands of audio field recordings and interviews, educational recordings, film footage, field notebooks, slides, correspondence and ephemera documenting the musical traditions of communities around the world.
Diverse digital collection of primary sources for the study of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. Includes the personal and business papers of key industrialists and financiers; records of rail, steel and oil corporations; material on labor disputes, politics and progressivism; and rich visual content on fashion, material culture and architecture.
Primary source database covering the political, social, and cultural history of native peoples from the sixteenth century well into the twentieth century. Sourced from both American and Canadian institutions, as well as direct-from-source from newspapers from various tribes and Indian-related organizations, the collection covers the history of American Indian tribes and supporting organizations. It also features indigenous-language materials, including dictionaries, bibles, and primers. Access to Parts 1 and 2.
National Survey of State Laws (NSSL) provides an overall view of some of the most-asked-about and controversial legal topics in the United States. The database is derived from Richard Leiter’s National Survey of State Laws print editions. The current 8th edition (2018), along with the 7th (2015), 6th (2008), and 5th (2005) editions are available. Presented in an interactive chart format, NSSL allows users to make basic state-by-state comparisons of current state laws. The database is updated regularly as new laws are passed or updated.
Page image and full-text of the French-language newspaper Le Monde from 1944-2000.
Primary source material from the archives of the Race Relations Department at Fisk University, which was a highly influential think tank offering a forum for discussion and research on racial topics, including poverty and inequality, class, housing, employment, education and government policy. Covers the Civil Rights Movement, segregation, discrimination, and racial theory in America during three decades of the twentieth century.
Online learning tool for primary source literacy that can be used in classroom-based and online teaching as well as for independent study. Introduces students to core principles and practices for understanding and using primary sources, including types of archives, how to read digital archives, how to critically evaluate a source, how to understand underrepresented voices in the archive, and how to use digital tools such as data mining. Includes primary sources and data sets for practice as well as case studies.
Archive of over 100 digitized American jazz periodicals.
Primary source collection drawn from leading archives around the world. Sourced solely from the renowned Kinsey Institute Library & Special Collections, Module I makes available essential primary sources from the tenures of the first three Institute directors. Module II, sourced from archives in the US, UK and Australia, explores LGBTIQ+ personal histories, self-expression, and community activism.

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