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HIS 171: East Asian Culture and History: Finding Symposia

Finding Symposia

The syllabus for HIS 171 lists a number of acceptable symposia for your symposium review. Here is how to find symposia through the University Libraries:

First, select a symposium from the list:



The title of the symposium is in quotes. The title of the journal the symposium is published in is in italics. In this case, the symposium is in a journal titled MC. Looking at the reference above, the first clue is the title of the journal is actually Modern China.

The next stop is the University Libraries' homepage.

Click on Journals (Online & Print) in the column labeled Tools & Guides.


Link to Journals (Online & Print) is in the Tools & Guides column.


Enter the title of the journal in the search box.


Image of the Journals (Online & Print) Search screen


When Modern China appears in your search results, click on the View Online link. Select JSTOR Arts and Sciences from the list.



This takes you to the JSTOR page for the journal. Use the links at the bottom of the page to find the year, volume, and issue you would like to read.



From here, you can see the list of articles in the symposium, and download the articles you wish to review.




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