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HIS 481 & 495, Prof. George: Film Reviews

Film Release Date

Before attempting to locate your film review, it will be helpful to know the film's date of release. One helpful tool for this is the Internet Movie Database (IMDb, see link below). When you search a film title, be sure that you locate a film rather than a TV series or a documentary, which are occasionally included in the database. The IMDb generally presents the film's original publication date. If you are looking for a review of a foreign film, keep in mind that foreign films are often released later in the United States than in their countries of origin and that their titles may change. Gather as much information about the film in both releases before you begin your search for reviews.

Two helpful print sources can also help you locate release dates for movies made prior to the year 2000. The VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever (2000, see link below) provides an alphabetical index of films by title as well as a helpful alternate title index.  The TimeOut Film Guide (1999, see link below) provides a similar "Films A-Z" index that includes release date information along with movie length, producer and director information, and a plot summary.  Both of these books are located in the Reference Collection on the first floor of the library. 

If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the Reference Desk.

Internet Resources

These Internet sources will bring you to a variety of reviews for recent films. 

Be sure to use the proper citation format to cite these online sources.  If you need help with citations please see our Citing Correctly and Avoiding Plagiarism guide or contact a librarian for help. 

If you are looking for reviews of older films, try the New York Times Article Archive (listed below), or the various databases and print sources also described in this guide.

Scholarly and Critical Film Databases

These databases index film studies literature. 

Print Resources

The first three entries in these box are print indexes.  Use the indexes to look up the name of your film.  The index will point you to several reviews on the film that were published in other journals or magazines.  You will have to record the citation from the print index, and then search for the name of the journal or magazine in the URI Libraries Search.  Using print indexes can be difficult at first.  If you need help using these indexes please don't hesitate to stop by the reference desk to get assistance from a librarian.   

These sources cover films released between 1927 and 1990.  For reviews of films released after 1990 you should refer to the Internet Resources page.   

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