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HIS 481 & 495, Prof. George: Book Reviews

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Before you attempt to locate your book review you will need to know your books date of publication (as well as the author and title of your book). Keep in mind that many books undergo revisions and are often republished as new editions many years after the initial publication date.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Info & Research Help Desk.

Book Reviews - Print Resources

When utilizing print indexes, in addition to checking the year that your book was published, be sure to check the years before and after as well. Each journal and newspaper has its own policy for when it chooses to publish its book reviews. Once you locate the reviews for your book be sure to write down as many full citations as necessary. If you are working with Book Review Digest or Book Review Index remember to consult the "periodical abbreviations" or "publications indexed" pages in the front of each volume to obtain the full titles for the periodicals reviewing your book. Then, search the URI Libraries Search to see if URI owns the periodicals that you need.

Book Reviews - Electronic Resources

Subject-Specific Book Reviews

The reference collection at the URI Library includes many subject-specific book review finding resources. To locate the ones necessary to your research do a keyword search in the URI Libraries Search typing in phrases such as "humanities and book reviews" or "science and book reviews".

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