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Labor Relations: Books by Subject

Book Sources by Subject

The links below will take you to the subject box of your choice.  Keep in mind that this is a selected list of resources available at URI.  They will help you get an idea of what is available, and perhaps to hone in on a research topic.  Search the Library Catalog to find other useful material or request books from other schools.  As a library consortium we share resources. It's quick and free!  Just click on the "Request" button and enter your name and library bar code.  If you have any questions about searching for books or requesting them from other schools, please don't hesitate to contact a librarian. 

Where are the Books?

Where are the Books about Labor Relations?

Most books about labor relations will have call numbers that start with HD or KF. Some will be in the Reference or Government Publications sections on the first floor, while others will be located on the third floor on the H and K shelves.

HD - Management, Industry, Labor
HF - Commerce, Business Ethics, Accounting, Advertising
KF - Law of the United States

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