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Foreign Languages and Literatures: Finding Books

Finding Books

Welcome! In order to find foreign language and literature resources it is a good idea to start by searching for books.

A few suggested searches that you can use are: searching for the name of a language and the word literature or perhaps use the word fiction. Here are examples:

Spanish literature
German fiction

To further narrow down your search you can also add other related key terms like: history and criticism, women and literature or other limiters like 16th Century or 18th Century.

Finding Books in a Specific Language

It is also useful to limit your search to items written in the language and this can be done before an initial search or during your search.

On the Advanced Search Screen, before a search all you have to do is select the language under the "Languages" drop down menu which will look like this:





During your search you can select the language under the "Languages" facet on the left that looks like this:

Languages Facet in Synergy

Finding Books

The Library has a few resources that would help you find relevant books on your topics:

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