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Environmental Impact Assessment: EIS via the catalog

Searching for Environmental Impact Statements within the catalog

For more resources on this topic, or to find actual EISs, perform a subject search in the URI Libraries Search by Library of Congress Subject Headings:  environmental impact analysis; environmental impact statements; cumulative effects assessment (environmental assessment); ecological assessment (biology); ecological risk assessment; and environmental auditing.  In the University Library, many EISs can be found in the Government Publications area at SuDoc numbers beginning with EP1.57 (for the EPA) and I1.98 (for the Dept. of the Interior). Below you will find tips on searching for EISs.

To conduct a Subject search, you will need to use the Advanced Search Screen. To get there, click the link to the right of the search button on the first page of the URI Libraries Search.

In addition, many Environmental Impact Statements are available as online documents.  To search for these statements, perform a KEYWORD search for environmental impact statement and use the Available Online facet on the left to limit your results.

You can search for an EIS on a specific topic as well.  For instance, to search for environmental impact statements regarding forests perform a keyword search for environmental impact statement AND forest.

  One you find an EIS, you can view the document by clicking the link View online.

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