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Library Resources for International Students: What You Can Do in the Library

When You Come to the Library, Bring:

Your  ID – you will need it to check out books, DVD’s, CD’s, and materials on reserve

Paper, pencil, or pen

Money (or A Ram Account) to print or make copies

A USB/flash/jump/thumb drive to save your work off the library computers

What You Can Do in the Library

Find and check out books, DVDs, CDs    

Books  DVD's    

Borrow materials from other libraries

Interlibrary loan

Ask a librarian and get help with your research paper

Reference librarian

Find materials that your professor put on reserve for you


Access electronic journals, magazines, e-books, and scholarly websites

Library databases

Meet with your colleagues and work on projects

Group work

Use the computers to work on a paper or project

Library computers

Copy and print

Libary copier

Have a cup of coffee and chat with your friends in the 24-hour room

24-Hour Room

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