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Maps and Mapping: Geospatial Mapping

An overview of resources for finding and using maps.

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What is Geospatial Mapping?

Geospatial mapping differs from traditional maps in that computerized data is provided for the user to create a custom map suited to their particular needs. Some of these data sets allow the user to create a map on the site, others require that the data be downloaded into a separate software program. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are software products which can be used to manipulate and analyze this data.  The resources listed below are suitable for use by the non-expert.

Selected Web Sites

The sites listed below provide geospatial data that allow the non-expert user to create a wide variety of maps.

Terms and Concepts

When searching for or creating these maps, terms and concepts may crop up that will be unfamiliar.  These sources help explain them.

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