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Presentation Tools: Exploring Prezi

There is an alternative to PowerPoint...

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What is a "prezi'?

Think of a prezi as a blank canvas.

Prezi drops you into a digital workspace. Here, you are free to rearrange, edit, expand, or recreate your ideas. Prezi mirrors PowerPoint's capability to follow a linear storyline, however Prezi jumps beyond and allows for free-flowing presentations.

Think like this:
CREATE a free account. SELECT a template. IMPORT/EDIT a presentation. INSERT text, images, audio, video, or animation. REARRANGE your slides, story line, and more. SAVE your presentation to a unique web address. SHARE your presentation.

Key points to remember:

  • Cite all your sources (including images, videos, and quotations). Visit to follow APA, MLA, or Chicago style.
  • Treat your prezi like an EXTRA not as the main show. It's there to supplement your presentation.


How do I...?

Tutorials from Prezi support site:

Getting started

Collaborate and share

Import from PowerPoint

Go beyond the basics

***Ask a question to the prezi support team.

Some ideas to consider

GET INSPIRED - Search Prezi's vast collection

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