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Presentation Tools: Exploring PowerPoint

There is an alternative to PowerPoint...

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Uploading PowerPoint to other platforms

Caution: If you upload your PowerPoint to Google Drive, you may lose your effects, design, or image placement.

Always preview your work when uploading to another source (like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

What is PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a presentation software provided by Microsoft and is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. It helps you create, edit, and share a presentation. Use this tool to boost your presentation with images, videos, text, and more.


-- Make sure the font is both large and clear. 

-- Don't overload the slide. Be concise & focused.

-- No sentences. Include key points, ideas, or quotes.

-- Add images, videos, or audio files when it aids the point you want to make.

-- Be consistent. Same fonts, colors, and background.

-- Practice makes perfect. Practice presenting. Practice previewing your presentation.

A brief guide to PowerPoint creation

Some ideas to consider

GET INSPIRED - View the Project Gallery (Mac) or create a New presentation (Windows) to view examples

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