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ENG 486: British Authors: Articles & Databases

This guide is to assist students in the Spring 2014 ENG 486: British Authors class with a focus on William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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The URI Library has access to hundreds of databases. The databases listed below will be most helpful to you as you proceed with finding information for this class.

Other Select Databases

While the above databases are especially geared towards the humanities and literature, do not feel limited by them. Many databases can cover various aspects of a topic. Below are some databases that may also be helpful to you as you proceed with finding resources for your projects.

Oxford English Dictionary

Need quick access to the OED? Here's the link!

Finding an Article from a Citation at the URI Library

Tracking down an article can be a little tricky. How do you know what database to choose? In order to streamline the process, follow these steps in this guide on to find an article from a citation more efficiently and quickly:

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