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The Changing Face/Space of the Library: eBooks, Makerspaces, and More : Read the Conversation!

Companion site to the April 29, 2014 OLIS Multi-Type Reference Advisory Group & Resource Sharing Group Joint Program.

The Day's Conversation, via TodaysMeet


After some minor tech issues, we're getting started! 
We have a great mix of ALL types of librarians today 
Ebook materials essentially operate in silos- completely opposite of library values 
Big project in MA adhered to "Readers First" principle to keep perspective and goals in place 
Still have problem with wifi. The only way is to stand outside the meeting room. 
Some valuable "lessons learned" info coming put of this presentation as well as "how to" info 
Difference between when you want to "own" some books and lease others. I.e. travel guides/books. Not worth owning. 
Biblioboard for local history materials. 
Simultaneous access- my kingdom for simultaneous access! It's where patrons are moving- Netflix, Oyster, etc. 
Be firm when working with vendors- don't award them contract if they don't align with your goals from Day 1 
axis360 digital media by Baker and Taylor. 
Koha Mass eBook project catalog very clean, easy to use and search 
50 multi-type libraries taking part in pilot for 6 months. 
Used koha for discovery of all ebooks. Ebooks.masslibsystem.cim 
Working on API so patron does not have to login every time with their own device. 
In Biblioboard, you can have your own module. Local authors, history collections, locally created exhibitions/databases 
"Mass libraries are working to end the digital lockout" promotional materials. 
Many logins for MA eBooks project. Wonder if they are working to have one login for all down the road. 
Work with anything with browser but not kindle or other e-ink reader. 
Libraries can get their own stats 
Macmillan is the only big publisher opts out on this project. 
Cautiously optimistic for Macmillian because "money talks" and libraries are willing to pay, just on their own terms. 
Discovery layer over all these components? Not sure it is needed. 
Statewide is solution to end silos of digital content 
Meant to supplement the existing Overdrive offerings. 
Lots of different option in MA. Overdrive, statewide project, Lib of Commonwealth out of BPL 
Local materials like yearbooks may run into copyright issues 
Just mentioning moving away from Dewey gives me slight heart palpitations. I think it still has its place! #deweyforever 
EBL preview then check out model is very interesting. 
School libraries embrace the project the most among all. 
B&T is doing negotiating with publishers on MA behalf based on acceptable platform 
MA owns the B&T platform and titles. 
Negotiate ability to move purchased ebooks to another acceptable platform. 
RILINK members: 1998=2; 2014=160. 
Most purchased ebooks in schools are YA nonfiction and reference. 
EBook school obstacle? Not available for all students. Everything comes down to digital divide (among other issues) 
FollettShelf is a single use platform. 
Platform proliferation is a problem for patrons. 
PC uses EBL, open up the entire collections to patrons but choose not to own any title. 
EBL users are concern the firm being acquired recently by Proquest. They're happy with the product & hope the new ownership won't change it. 
Liking the new EZone kids portal! 
Quite impressed with OSL kid portal for eBooks! 
Cost and holds list of bestsellers still an issue 
One copy one user model a problem, alternatives are very expensive 
MA eBook Project libguide: 
MA eBook Project blog: 
Massachusetts Library System home page: 
Makerspace customized for your community. 

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