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TMD 402: Seminar: Articles and Databases

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"Best Bet" Article Databases

These databases are specific to textiles technology, and business and management - both valuable for TMD majors.

Article Databases

The subjects and topics of TMD 402 are interdisciplinary  with connections to many subject areas. In addition to the databases listed below, you'll find many more general and subject specific databases at the library which will support your research throughout the TMD program.

Any subject database can offer valuable resources, so think about the subject discipline that your research topic intersects with (Business, Technology, Humanities, Social Science, Health Sciences, etc.) and use the Advanced Search mode, which offers more than one searching field. 

For a full list of library databases arranged by subject click on All Library Databases at the bottom of this page.

New to Database Searching?

Databases are electronic indexes leading you to citations, abstracts, and very often the full text of articles. Learn more about finding journal articles with this handy user guide.

Search Connectors (Boolean operators)

Search connectors such as "AND", "OR", and "NOT" help you narrow down your search and identify the most relevant articles.

Use "AND" to retrieve articles on more than one keyword. Use "OR" to retrieve articles on either one of your desired terms or both. Use "NOT" to exclude the information that you do not need.  

Limiting by publication year, type of article, document type, or physical description can also help you find relevant articles.

Manage your Citations

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