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Zotero: Adding Citations

This is a brief introduction to the Zotero citation and reference manager.

Adding Citations by Hand

You can drag PDFs directly into Zotero, add an entire folder of documents, or add citation information manually.

To add citations by hand, click on the Add pull-down menu (a green plus sign) at the top of the page.

Screenshot of Zotero indicating the Add function


In the menu that appears, select what kind of item you'd like to add.

In the side panel, you'll see the information to enter for that specific type of item. The required information will change based on what type of citation you're adding. If you've made a mistake and would like to change the type of item you're adding, just click on the Item Type to change it. Type the Enter or Return key when you're done.


Adding a reference manually in Zotero


If you have an ISBN, DOI, or PMID, you can add items using that number. Just click on the magic wand icon in the menu and enter the number.


Location of magic wand menu in Zotero


For items found in the Libraries Search or in reference databases, it may be easier to import references from the catalog and databases directly.

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