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Mendeley: Importing from Databases & Google Scholar

This is a brief introduction to using Mendeley, a free reference manager and citation generator.

Install the Web Importer

Mendeley offers a plugin for browsers that allows easy importing from the web, including databases. To install the Web Importer tool, locate the Tools menu and click on Install Web Importer


Screenshot of Tools Menu on Mac showing Install Web Importer option


This option will send you to Mendeley's website, or you can also go to Mendeley's website directly to install the Web Importer for your preferred browser.


Screenshot of Mendeley Web Importer Website


Once installed, you can access the Web Importer from the Mendeley icon in your browser.


Location of Mendeley Web Importer Icon in Toolbar of Chrome


Importing from Databases

When looking at an article you want to save to Mendeley, click on the Mendeley icon in your browser. This will prompt you to log in if you haven't already. Once logged in, you'll see a lightbox on the right side of your page that confirms article information and allows you to edit details and capture the PDFs if available.

Click Save to save the item with any edits you have made.


Importing from Google Scholar

If you locate an article in Google Scholar that you want to save, click on the title of the item. 


Google Scholar Results for physical activity and mood


Once you're viewing your item, use the Mendeley Web Importer icon in your browser to capture the document.


Article website with arrow pointing to Mendeley Web Importer icon in browser


Again, the lightbox will appear, and you can edit details or just save the document.


Screenshot of article page with Mendeley lightbox


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