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Mendeley: Folders & Organizing Citations

This is a brief introduction to using Mendeley, a free reference manager and citation generator.

Using Folders & Organizing Citations

Creating folders makes it easier to organize your research and generate bibliographies.

There are three ways to create a folder:

  1. Use the Add Folder icon in the upper left of Mendeley Desktop
  2. Right click on All Documents to add a top-level folder
  3. Right click on any visible folder to add a subfolder within that folder

Below, you will see a menu that appears when right clicking on All Documents. You can also use the Add Folder icon in the upper left.

Screenshot with arrow showing location of Add Folder icon in Mendeley.

Click on New Folder and name your new folder.


Once you have your folder set up, you can click and drag items into the folder.

Screenshot of cursor hovering over destination folder after clicking and dragging a citation to the folder


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