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Mendeley: Creating Bibliographies

This is a brief introduction to using Mendeley, a free reference manager and citation generator.

Creating Quick Bibliographies

First, select your citation style from the View menu. This example shows APA as the selected style. You can use one of the listed styles or select from the "More Styles..." submenu.


Screenshot of View menu showing Citation Style selections



To create a citation for a single item, right click on the item in your collection and select Copy as > Formatted Citation.


Screenshot of right click menu showing Copy As Formatted Citation


You can select multiple items and create a bibliography the same way.

Screenshot of multiple items selected and right click menu to copy as formatted citation


You can paste your citations into your document.




Connecting Mendeley to Microsoft Word

Connecting Mendeley to Microsoft Word or LibreOffice lets you do even more! See the following links for details.

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