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Circulation & Borrowing

Information about Circulation, Borrowing, and Library Access.

Renewing Books

Books borrowed by patrons will be automatically renewed twice by the Library system.

Undergraduates initial check-out  for books is 28 days.  With the two automatic renewals, an undergraduate patron can have a book out for a total of 84 days.

Graduate Students and Faculty, on the other hand, have an initial check-out period of 120 days.  With the two automatic renewals, those patrons can have a book out of a total of 360 days.

When a borrowed book has reached the renewal limit, it must be returned to the Library.

If the patron wishes to renew the book or books, they must bring the books to the Circulation Desk so the books can be checked in and then checked out again.

This is done to assure that none of the books have been requested by another patron.

Once that in-person process is complete, the books can be checked out to the patron and are once again eligible for two automatic renewals.

Please note:  you may not be able to renew an item for a number of reasons, such as another patron having put a RECALL hold on that item, your patron record having expired, or overdue items on your library record.  If any of those factors interfere with the automatic renewal of the borrowed book, please contact the Circulation Desk at 401-874-2672.


Circulation Hours & Contact

Robert L. Carothers Library & Learning Commons

Call Us
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(401) 874-2672

Email Us
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