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Curriculum Materials Library: CML Software Policy

An introduction to the CML at URI, its services, and resources.

CML Software Policy

In order to protect the privacy and security of our users and to ensure the integrity of the hardware and software of our computers, not to mention protection from liability due to copyright and licensing infringement, all computers in the Library are protected with an anti-tampering program.  This means that we cannot load any software on any of the CML computers without permission of the Library Systems Administrator. 

 If anyone would like a software program to be added to the CML laptops, they must submit a request to the Head of the CML and she in turn will submit the request to the Library Systems Administrator.  The request should include the name and description of the software, proof that any non-online copies are virus free, and proof that there is no copyright or licensing infringement.  Any request to purchase a software program for the CML laptops should include the name and description of the software plus the price and the source of the funding to purchase it. 

 Once a software program has been approved and received, the Library Systems Administrator will be responsible for installing it.




DJM, Approved 3/18/16

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