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InfoRhode Quiz Setup: Home

InfoRhode Quiz file and instructions for setup in Sakai.

InfoRhode Quiz Setup

Right click on the XML file to download to your computer. Follow the Quiz Setup instructions to create a quiz in Sakai.

WRT InfoRhode


If you have questions about the InfoRhode Quiz or Tutorials, please contact:

Jim Kinnie
Amanda Izenstark
Mary MacDonald

This project was supported by a 2012 "Innovative Approaches Using Technology" grant from the Provost's Office, University of Rhode Island.

InfoRhode Quiz for Sakai

InfoRhode Tutorials provide basic information about college-level research and information literacy skills. This series of 13 short videos can be accessed at Total running time for the videos is approximately 35 minutes; students can also read the associated PDF files at their own pace.

Use this guide to test your students' information literacy knowledge after viewing all of the tutorials. You can include the assessment in your course grade, provide it as extra credit, or add it to an assignment.

Using the InfoRhode Quiz

Option 1 - Joinable site. Direct your students to join the InfoRhode Tutorials Sakai site:

Sakai > My Workspace > Membership > Joinable Sites > [Search] InfoRhode Tutorials

Students can then view the tutorials and take a 20-question, multiple choice quiz based on the tutorials. Questions are chosen at random from a total of 35; there are two submissions permitted and a 30-minute time limit. Students can return their score(s) to instructors.

Option 2 - Customize the quiz. Download the InfoRhode Quiz & Instructions in the left column to install the quiz in your course site. You can then create your own quiz settings to meet the outcomes you have set.

InfoRhode Quiz Setup

[Option 2] Follow these instructions to set up a quiz to assess students’ knowledge of the information literacy information embedded in the InfoRhode Tutorials. Students should view the 13 videos (or PDF files) before taking the InfoRhode Quiz. Instructors can set up the quiz in their Sakai course site according to their needs. Follow the step-by-step instructions below for basic setup instructions. [These instructions are also available in PDF format in the column on the left.]

Add the Test & Quizzes tool to your Sakai site (if you are not already using it)

Download InfoRhodeQuiz.xml to your computer (Available in the left column)

Import Question Pool

In Sakai go to - Tests & Quizzes > Question Pools > Import. Browse to the InfoRhode XML file on your computer and Import. “InfoRhode Quiz” will show up on your Question Pools list.

Create a new assessment in Tests & Quizzes and set it up using the following procedures:

1.       Go to Assessments in Tests & Quizzes

2.       Under Create an Assessment, enter the title of the quiz you’d like to create (for example, InfoRhode Quiz)

3.       Leave “Create using assessment builder” checked

4.       At the pull-down menu “Choose assessment type (optional)”, select Quiz

5.       Click Create

Customize and import the quiz

Click on Edit on the far right side of the screen. Modify the quiz using the options below:

In the Information blank, enter the text below, or modify as you see fit:
View all of the InfoRhode Tutorial videos before beginning this quiz.”

For options under Type:

·         Random draw from question pool

o   Pool name (total # of questions) = InfoRhode Quiz (35)

o   Number of questions = 20

o   Point value of questions = 5

·         Type of randomization

o   A student's questions are randomized each time an assessment is submitted

         Click Save


Adjust the Quiz Settings:

Assessment Introduction - Edit as you see fit

Delivery Dates - Edit as needed

Assessment Organization

·         Random access to questions from a Table of Contents. (There are "Next" and "Previous" buttons on each page for navigation.)

·         The complete Assessment is displayed on one Web page


·         Only [ X ] submissions allowed (enter number as appropriate)

·         Late submissions WILL be accepted after the due date.

Submission Message
Thank you for submitting - return to Tests & Quizzes for feedback. Please help us evaluate these tutorials by taking this short InfoRhode Survey –


·         Feedback Authoring

o   Question-Level Feedback

·         Feedback Delivery

o   Feedback on Submission

·         Release Questions and the following

o   Student Response

o   Correct Response

o   Student’s Assessment Scores

o   Student’s Question and Part Scores

o   Question-Level Feedback


·         Students’ Identities

o   Students' identities can be seen by graders

·         Gradebook Options

o   Select your appropriate option.

Click Save Settings and Publish if you’re ready to release the quiz; otherwise, click Save Settings to return to the quiz later.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.