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WRT 104/106 Guide for Students: Finding Full Text

Finding Full Text

Finding the Full Text of an Article

When looking through the results of a database search there are a few possible scenarios that can occur when you go to access the full text of an article. Below you'll find four ways you can access articles here at URI.


1. Records with PDF or HTML Full Text Attached

  • When you conduct a search in a database the results are organized into records. A record contains relevant information like: author, title, source, subject(s), abstract (summary), etc. The records help you narrow down which articles you want to read based on the information included.
  • Some records have a PDF or HTML file linked right with the record. All you have to do is click on the link and you have access to the article.



  • If you have a choice of both a PDF or HTML file, the PDF may be more useful to you because it is a scan of the original document so page numbers, charts, graphs, illustrations, etc are included. The HTML version may not have these but it will have the text.



2. No PDF or HTML Full Text Attached - Online Access

  • If there is no PDF or HTML Full Text attached to the record, do not give up! More often than not you can still access the article through URI.
  • Look for a link that says Search @ URI Libraries.
  • The link may be located next to or below the record information. Search around!
  • By clicking on it, another browser window will open providing you with information about how you can access the article.
  • If you can access the article electronically through URI, the window will look something like this:


  • Click on the link above the date to access the full text of the article.


3. No PDF or HTML Full Text Attached - Access in Print

  • Sometimes when you click on the Full Text button or link you are brought to a new browser window which states: Check availability.
  • Don't give up because this just means that the article is not currently available ONLINE. You may still be able to access the article in PRINT (a physical copy at the library).
  • Look at the date, volume, and issue of the citation to your article and match it against the dates listed under Holdings.


  • If the catalog record indicates that the library has the appropriate date, volume, and issue, you can then write down the call number of the journal.
  • All print periodicals are located in the Serials Stacks in the Lower Level of the Carothers Library.
  • You can make copies of the article or scans (sent to your e-mail) very easily at the library. You cannot take the journal out of the library.


4. No PDF or HTML Full Text or Print Copy - Access through Interlibrary Loan

  • When you click on the Search @ the URI Libraries link and you cannot access the article either electronically or in print, look for these links in the browser window:


  • Sign in using your eCampus ID and Sakai password
  • Follow the links to request the article through Interlibrary Loan
  • Requests can take 1-3 business days


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