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Data Management : Data Management Planning

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About This Guide

Managing your research data means making plans for how the data will be created, described, shared, re-used, and stored. Many research funders now require a Data Management Plan (DMP) to be submitted as part of a grant proposal. Depending on the funding agency, the DMP format and requirements vary. The California Digital Library has released a DMP Tool that can be tailored to specific funders. 

Regardless of your funding agency's specific requirements, it is helpful to think of data management in terms of both policies and tools. For each area of data management, you will need to first determine your approach, and then find tools or standards to fit the needs of your data. 

This guide pulls together data management resources from the web and explains available University of Rhode Island services. 

Data Management Plan Tools & Guides

These resources are specifically geared towards creating DMPs for grant proposals. 

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This guide was jointly prepared by: 

Julia Lovett, Digital Initiatives Librarian
Karen Markin, Director, Office of Research Development

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.