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2015 OLIS Multi-Type Reference Group Program: Patrons and Their Preferences: Enhancing the User Experience: Program and Overviews

Notes and slides from the OLIS Multi-Type Reference Group Program, held at Cumberland Public Library, April 27, 2015.


Patrons and Their Preferences: Enhancing the User Experience
April 27, 2015
Cumberland Public Library


Overviews & Breakout Sessions

  • Research Habits in the Age of Google - Mackenzie Dunn and Aaron Coutu
  • Patrons with Varying Needs - Ralph Apici
  • Facilitating Browsing - Melissa Chiavaroli

Session Summaries and Closing

2014-2015 Committee Members

Amanda Izenstark, URI, Chair

Alicia Waters, OLIS

Heidi Blais, Cranston East High School

Tish Brennan, Rhode Island College

Melissa Chiavaroli, Cumberland Public Library

Jane Granatino, Barrington Public Library

Andrea Hajian, LaSalle Academy

Maura Keating, Bryant University

Mary Zammarelli, St. Joseph's Hospital

Lisa Zawadski, Cranston Public Library

Notes from Overview Sessions

Brief Talks / Overviews

    Research Habits in the Age of Google - Mackenzie Dunn (Bryant University) and Aaron Coutu (Cumberland Public Library)
    Patrons with Varying Needs - Ralph Apici (Providence Center)
    Facilitating Browsing - Melissa Chiavaroli (Cumberland Public Library)

Mackenzie Dunn (Bryant University)
Info-seeking behavior in the academic library-res. habits of college students (overview of Bryant - 3200 UG, 32 states, 63 countries; Schools of Business & Arts /Sciences)

Embedded in FY writing workshops; personal librarians for Honors senior capstones;  Project Information Literacy (PIL) report - Learning the Ropes: How Freshmen conduct course research once they enter college---struggle with selecting keywords, navigating database searches for academic lit; even if they had database instruction in HS, we are exponentially bigger; OTHER sources consulted 80% instructor/30% librarians.  Recommended Readings: Going Beyond Google Again - Chap 2 - centrality of Google; Decode Academy - Barbara Fister LOEX 2013; PIL Learning Curve (PIL)

Aaron Coutu (Cumberland Public Library) - Research Habits in the Age of Google
Librarians still relevant; KIDS already KNOW this STUFF (really?); lots of curriculum ends in Middle School; Tech is comfortable BUT for entertainment NOT research; literature and research searching is different in navigation and thinking; show them again and again how to use databases; Recommended book: Useful, Useable, Desirable, by Aaron Schmidt and Amanda Etches; listen and pay attention to your users to find out what they want and serve it up in a WAY that's useful

It's NOT that Wikipedia is overall bad - but that is too basic for most academic projects; SHOW why certain things work GREAT in YouTube and other things - no; not the worst info (or the best), but the format is preferred

Reaching out to school teachers - don't create barriers by saying a blanket "NO Internet"; librarians are the best resource any student can have

Ralph Apici (Providence Center) - Patrons with Varying Needs
Assistant Director - Acute Care; Crisis Intervention - Kent & Pawt Memorial; lots of our clients come to YOU when its cold or raining or....and they may come in IN CRISIS, with behavioral health issues

Crisis Development Model------Integrated Experience - attitudes effects behavior by staff-- escalate/de-escalate; signs of ANXIETY= pacing, labored breathing, unfocused, drumming/tapping. Be supportive verbally or nonverbally -- "I can see you are dealing with an issue, may not have the answers but you're in a safe place"; nonverbal - needs extra space... approach with hands by your side...not frontal, not engulfing; body/posture--don't get distracted by paperwork, or use folded arms to show defense

If it escalates verbally - verbal continuum - needs to be deescalated, or it could get physical; Questions - they may have rational questions with rational answers; or they may have challenging questions - "Hey, you don't want to talk to me??"; Re-direct doesn't work

If this moves into RELEASE - scream/yell/disruption - be aware of safety; INTIMIDATION = major safety issues; TENSION REDUCTION -- when can you reapproach this individual?

Acting out person; out of control person (institutions need to have safety plans for these situations--discuss these with mental health professionals and security officers); debrief with staff to discuss what worked and what to do next time this patron arrives; some issues are seasonal - SAD in winter; manic in spring

Melissa Chiavaroli (Cumberland Public Library) - Facilitated Browsing
Why facilitating Browsing is Important: more CIRC , more stats, more patron loyalty-----just came into LIB - what NOW?; highlight/display/inform/make users aware depth of collection and formats; empower patrons;  HOW patrons browse--Bestseller Junkies; Info Driven- topics; SERVICE oriented - computers/fax; Selective Browsers - they know it when they see it; Treasure Hunters
Make it PRETTY; Keep it Interesting - Banned Books display had a BURNED book!; Keep it CLEAN= straighten up; Keep it SIMPLE - Dewey isn't even well known by librarians!--Dewey and LC were originally used in closed stacks

WHAT are other options for organization? BISAC - Dewey Hybrid (dewey-free-library for info; Deb Hoadley - was a presenter at last year's OLIS program) original innovator on this; tremendous amount of work; do in small chunks in case you need to back-up or ditch some parts; get staff on board; Cumberland PL - started with their RI Collection; Personalize your new layout for your community.

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