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U.S. Congressional Serial Set: Library's Holdings of the Serial Set

American State Papers

The first Serial Set volume was issued for the Fifteenth Congress in 1817. There are now over 13,000 volumes in the set. Publications pertaining to the First to the Fourteenth Congresses are published in American State Papers.

U.S. Congressional Serial Set

The arrangement of the bound Serial Set is by volume number. The volumes are numbered so as to be in order by Congressional session, Congressional chamber (House or Senate), publication type (report or document), and publication number. For example, Senate Report 101-236 is the 236th Senate Report issued during the 101st Congress.  More information on citations is available on the "Reading Serial Set Citations" tab of this guide. 

Some of the older Serial Set information is available in the Library in microcard and microfiche formats. The microcard volumes are located in the Storage Area. To retrieve this material, ask at Circulation. Microfiche may be photocopied, but the Library does not have facilities for photocopying microcard.  Other editions of the Serial Set are available in print and can be found in the Government Publications section of the library.  The last three links in the list below will bring you to sites that allow electronic access to the Serial Set. 

This list provides access to the text of the Serial Set by Congress number and year.  If you do not have the citation information, you may need to search some of the index products available for the Serial Set.  You can browse these resources by clicking on the "Resources for Accessing the Serial Set" tab above.

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