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Information Literacy Toolkit

Use this toolkit to assist with integrating information literacy into courses.

B4. Information Literacy General Education Rubric

Using the URI IL Rubric for Gen Ed Course Submission

General Education Course Submission

Do you teach a course that, as part of an in-class exercise or course assignment, asks students to

  • Develop a research question or thesis statement?
  • Identify the scope of the information needed?
  • Find information sources to solve a research question, problem of other information need?
  • Evaluate or analyze information sources?
  • Use information ethically and legally?
  • Cite information sources?

If you answered 'yes' to these questions, your course can easily address General Education Student Learning Outcome B4, Information Literacy.

Identify language in your assignment or syllabus that asks students to perform work as indicated in the Elements rows in the rubric. Follow the "Full" and "Partial" requirements indicated on the top of the rubric according to your intention to fulfill the IL Student Learning Outcome.

Use the tabs on this guide for ideas on mapping assignment language to the rubric and for classroom exercises and assignments that address information literacy.


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