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Information Literacy Toolkit: InfoRhode Tutorials & Quiz

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These short information literacy tutorials will help you learn, or refresh, basic college-level information research skills. They explain how to find, evaluate, and cite books and periodical articles using University Libraries' catalog and databases.

The links to all the videos are available at or through the InfoRhode Tutorials link on the Libraries' homepage.

You don't need to watch the tutorials in a specific order, but we have listed them in a way that could guide you through a beginning library research process.

Using InfoRhode

The videos are published on YouTube so all of YouTube's features can be implemented - linking or embedding the videos in course assignments or notes, using closed captioning or transcripts, etc. You can view the tutorials individually or as a playlist on YouTube.

Individual videos can be used as point-of-need instruction for students in Sakai pages, assignment instructions, syllabi, etc.


Use the link at the left for instruction on assessing your students' information literacy skills after viewing the tutorials. There are two options: direct your students to enroll in the InfoRhode joinable site in Sakai to view the tutorials and take the quiz; follow the instructions in the guide to create an InfoRhode quiz in your own course site. Quiz scores can be included in the course grade, used for extra credit, or for pre and post testing.

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