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Mendeley: Getting Started and Adding Citations

This is a brief introduction to using Mendeley, a free reference manager and citation generator.

Download Mendeley Desktop

To get started, create a Mendeley account and download the Mendeley Desktop app from the Mendeley website. 

Adding Citations by Hand

You can add citations by hand by clicking on the Add pull-down menu (a paper with a plus sign) at the top of the page. 

Screenshot of Mendeley Desktop App with arrow pointing to Add pull-down menu

In the menu that appears, select how you would like to add items. You can upload files using the Add Files option, add an entire folder of documents, or add citation information manually. 

If you would like to enter the citation information by hand, click on Add Entry Manually. Select the type of reference you would like to add. The required information will change based on what type of citation you're adding. Click Save when you're done.

Add Entry Dialog Box with Arrow indicating format change pull-down menu. By default it says "Journal Article."

For items found in the Libraries Search or in reference databases, it may be easier to import references from the catalog and databases directly.

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