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This is a brief introduction to using Mendeley, a free reference manager and citation generator.

Important Notice

Please note: Mendeley Desktop is being discontinued, and the Mendeley Mobile Apps have been phased out. We are no longer recommending Mendeley as a citation manager. Instead, consider RefWorks or Zotero.


If you have issues installing Mendeley Cite and you are using Office 365 through URI's subscription, please contact the IT Service Desk directly for assistance.


Mendeley is a free* reference manager. It works on PCs and Macs, and can sync your data with Mendeley's servers and other computers. Your data is also available once you log in to the Mendeley web site. To sign up for a Mendeley account and download the software, click on the Mendeley link below.

* If you want to store a large number of documents on Mendeley's servers, there is a subscription fee.

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Getting Started with Mendeley

Mendeley has three main components:

Mendeley Reference Manager - If you would like to work with a database of all your citations stored on your own computer or mobile device, this is essential.

Mendeley Web Importer - Mendeley's browser extension can be installed on any browser, and it allows you to import citation information with just one click. It detects cues on web pages including library catalog pages, database pages, and the open web, providing an easy way to add citations and materials to your collection. If you use the browser bookmarklet, you will be asked to log in to Mendeley's server to save your citation information.

Mendeley Cite - Use your Mendeley library with Microsoft Word (for Mac and Windows).

Features at a Glance

Mendeley is a reference manager with some bonus features. It is a "freemium" product, meaning you get a certain amount of storage for free, but once you hit the limit (2 GB), you will need to pay for additional storage.

 Free storage  2 GB
 start at

 Browser extension for importing citations
 from your browser

 Mendeley Reference Manager
 Client Program

 Plugin for Word

 Cloud Sync & Storage

From the Mendeley Blog

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