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Family Topics

Print and online resources for information concerning various aspects of the family.


Welcome! This guide is designed to help you locate research resources relating to families. Use the tabs to the left to navigate between different types of resources.

If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to a URI librarian via the contact information on this page.

Articles & Databases

Looking to find the most current research relating to families, or to do historical research about it? The URI Libraries offer access to many databases that can be used to find those materials. To learn more about how to discover journal or newspaper articles through the URI Libraries, be sure to check out our Getting Started @ The Libraries guide.

Not sure which databases to use? Browse the selected list below.

General Families Reference

Just getting started with your research on families? These general reference resources will help you learn the terminology and basic concepts involved.


Looking to do more in-depth research about families? The URI Libraries offer many books which take a highly detailed look at many aspects of families and family life. To learn more about how to discover books at the URI Libraries, be sure to check out our Getting Started @ The Libraries guide.

To locate books specifically about families, conduct a subject search in the URI Libraries Search for any of the following subjects:

  • families
  • families -- United States
  • families -- research
  • families -- history

These subject headings can also be combined with keywords related to your topic for more specific results.

Not sure where to start? Browse the selected books presented below.

Internet Resources

Still looking for more information about families? Below you'll find a list of internet resources related to the subject.



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