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GWS 370: Sex Trafficking


Welcome to the library guide for GWS 370: Sex Trafficking! Here, you'll learn how to find the best information for your research assignments.

 Within the tabs, you'll find helpful instructions on how to search each type of resource:

Starting Your Research shows you how to get the most out of the resources at URI Library. Click on this tab if you need instructions or a quick refresher on how to search the catalog, the library databases, or basics of academic research.

Primary Sources is dedicated to helping you better understand what a primary source is in addition to how to find them for your research projects. Use this guide to help you find letters, journals, memoirs, newspaper articles, magazine articles, images and film.

Books and Reference Materials offer an assortment of some of our encyclopedias and handbooks that can be useful to you as you begin your research projects. There is also information on how to search for books within the catalog to find the books and other resources most relevant to your topic.

Articles and Databases is the place to go to begin searching for articles. In this section, you'll find a helpful list of databases you can use to find articles relevant to your topics.

Images and Films provides links to places you can look to find images, film, and other media to use in your projects in addition to the ones provided in the Primary Sources tab.

Selected Websites, Statistics Sources, and Associations and Organizations offer various online resources you can consult to find more information. These resources can provide valuable information relevant to sex trafficking from overviews on the topic to statistics on sex trafficking.

Advanced Search in Google and Google Scholar offer different tips and tricks to help you search the Internet to find better information regarding your topics.

Citing Your Sources can help you to correctly cite the information and resources you consult in your research project. This tab will offer you resources to consult to make sure you are citing correctly and even help you to cite tricky resources.


Still having trouble finding what you need?

If you need research assistance, there is plenty of help available!

Mary MacDonald, your liaison librarian, can help you with your research. To get in touch with her for research assistance, her contact information is located on the left side of this page!

You can also contact the Info & Research Help Desk at the URI Library for assistance! To speak to a librarian for research help, you can find the contact information on the left side of the page!

Created by

K. Leahy, 9/2013.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.