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HIS 507: Seminar In United States History, Dr. Reumann


Welcome! This guide will help you find sources for your work in HIS 507. If you need more assistance, please contact me via the Need More Help? tab, or stop by the Info & Research Help Desk.

Citing Sources in History

Below are some resources to help you with writing and citing. You may also want to try RefWorks, a web-based citation management tool provided by the Library, or Zotero, a free citation manager that allows you to share and collaborate.

Secondary Sources

Newspaper, Magazine Articles, and Other Primary Source Collections

To find newspaper articles, think about the time frame you're researching, and perhaps the geographic location. For example: 1940s New York, or London during World War I. Larger newspapers are more likely to have indexes. For smaller papers, check libraries in the geographic area, as many will have local history resources.

Sometimes, you can just browse newspapers around particular dates or events. If you're searching for a topic in a newspaper, you'll need to use an appropriate newspaper index to find citations to relevant articles. Below are a few examples.

General Web Resources

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