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Landscape Architecture

Accessing and Using Academic Journals

Academic journals are a helpful source to refer to when doing research. The Carothers Library has access to many periodicals, both online and in print that contain articles to round out students' research. Students can search for journals through the catalog and more directly through our online Databases, which can be accessed via the Find Articles link on the Library Homepage.

Print journals are located on the lower level of the Carothers Library.

Searching the Databases

To search the databases available from the URI library, go to the Library Homepage and click on the Find Articles link. From here, pick the database that best suits your topic, URI subscribes to both general, multidisciplinary databases and subject-specific databases. The links below will direct you to databases that may prove helpful.

Once you have chosen a particular database, find the Advanced Search screen and commence searching. From here, it is just like searching the library catalog through a Keyword search, simply pick the nouns that best describe the materials you are looking for. Here are some examples:

landscape design AND ecology, landscape architectureAND urban planning, landscape architecture AND conservation

If you find that your search is not yielding a good number of results, try changing your keywords around. Another option is to truncate your search by adding an asterick* to an unfinished keyword. For example: landscape design and ecolog* The database will then give you results containing the words "ecology," "ecological," and "ecologies." For a description of the search connectors AND, OR, and NOT, refer to the box to the left titled Search Connectors (Boolean operators).

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