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Media Collection: Microfilm/fiche

Microfilm/fiche Sections

Section 1

Newspapers - order by title

Section 2

Journals and magazines - order by title

Section 3

Periodical series - order by series (collection) title, not individual paper/journal title

Section 4

Dissertations and thesis - order by author last name

Sections 5 and 6


Microfilm Area

The URI Library Microfilm/fiche Collection is located in the Lower Level of the Carothers Library and Learning Commons on the Kingston Campus.  The collection contains:

Newspapers (Section 1)

Journals (Section 2)

Serials (Section 3)

University dissertations and theses that have not been converted to digital formats (Section 4)

Educational Resource Information Center (ERIC) Documents on Microfiche (Section 5)

Other microfiche documents (Section 6)

Titles can be searched in our catalog.

Manual microform readers can be found on the lower level, to the left of the Technology Help Desk.

The digital microform reader can be found in the Interlibrary Loan Unit, located in the back of the Circulation Unit.  Scanned copies of microfilm can be obtained either in person or by using the instructions below.

Have a digital copy or copies sent to your e-mail

There are two ways to obtain a digital copy of a microfilmed article:

In person - Retrieve the microfilm you need from the Lower Level and bring it to Circulation.  Ask to use the microfilm scanner. There is no charge for this service.

Online request form -  Click on the link below and fill out the online request form. There is no charge for this service.

Your request must contain the following information:

  • Newspaper or Journal title
  • Month & Year of the Newspaper or Journal
  • The title of the article
  • The page number when the article begins

When the request has been processed, a PDF of the article will be sent to your e-mail.

Requests will take between one and two days to process.

Please note:  scanning services are not available for dissertations, theses, or books.

How to Load Microfilm

All library microfilm readers are loaded according the image/directions below.

  1. Gently pull microfilm reader's glass tray until glass pane lifts.

  2. Place microfilm roll on left spindle, end of film should be hanging from the right.  Make sure roll clicks onto spindle.

  3. Thread film end under guide (directly under roll), then between upper and lower sheet of glass and under other guide.

  4. Place end of film in slot in center of right roll.

  5. Gently push tray back until film is under light/lens.

  6. Use buttons to navigate.

  7. When done.  Pull out tray to raise glass and use left button to rewind onto left roll.

  8. Place roll back in box and on small table in microfilm area.

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