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URI Open Access Policy

This guide contains instructions for complying with the URI Open Access Policy as well as background information on the Policy.

URI Open Access Policy

In adopting the University of Rhode Island Open Access Policy, University of Rhode Island faculty authors have granted the University permission to make their research articles available to the public at no charge. Articles will be made available through URI's institutional repository, DigitalCommons@URI in tandem with their publication in scholarly journals.

By granting a license to URI prior to any contractual arrangement with publishers, faculty members can make their research widely and publicly available, re-use it for various purposes, or modify it for future research publications.

How to comply with the Open Access Policy

To comply with the Open Access Policy, please follow the steps below.

1. The first time you submit an article, fill out the Assistance Authorization Form.

The Assistance Authorization Form is a writable PDF document. You only need to submit it once. This form authorizes the University Libraries to make deposits on your behalf into the DigitalCommons@URI repository and confirms in writing your grant to the University of Rhode Island of a non-exclusive license with respect to your scholarly articles as set forth in the University of Rhode Island Open Access Policy.

Digitally or manually sign the Assistance Authorization Form and email it to or mail it to:

Library Digital Initiatives
Carothers Library & Learning Commons
15 Lippitt Road
Kingston, RI 02881

2. Consider using an Author Addendum to remind your publisher of the URI Open Access Policy.

Because of our outreach efforts, your publisher should already be aware that your transfer of copyright to them is subject to the prior permissions you have granted URI through the URI Open Access Policy.

To be sure, you may wish to fill out the Addendum to Publication Agreement to amend your publication agreement.

3. Submit your article for upload to the DigitalCommons@URI institutional repository.

Send your final, peer-reviewed author manuscript to the University Libraries by email at Please include the journal name and citation information if available.

Note that DigitalCommons@URI can accommodate supplementary material that accompanies your scholarly articles. Examples include illustrations, figures, media files, and small data sets.

Contact information

The University of Rhode Island Open Access Policy is administered by the Faculty Senate.

The Faculty Senate's Committee for Research and Creative Activities serves in an advisory capacity to the Faculty Senate regarding the implementation and interpretation of the Policy.


Julia Lovett

Associate Professor / Digital Initiatives Librarian
Faculty Senate Designate for the University of Rhode Island Open-Access Policy
(401) 874-5079

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