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This guide will help navigate government research conducted by U.S. government agencies, corporations, and universities.

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Most government research is conducted by U.S. government agencies, corporations, and universities. The technical reports which are the published results of this research cover a variety of subjects: science and technology, social and behavioral sciences, business, etc. The Robert L. Carothers Library & Learning Commons has a large technical report collection in both paper and microfiche and can acquire any additional reports as needed.

Introduction to NTIS Reports

The primary government agency for publishing and distributing technical reports is the National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Reports are issued under an alpha-numeric “NTIS Order Number” (e.g. AD 760 482, PB 91-640 929). The paper reports are shelved in the Library by this NTIS order number in the Technical Reports section in Government Publications (Range 50). The microfiche reports are also filed by NTIS order number in the drawers labeled “NTIS Technical Reports” in the Government Publications microfiche area.

NTIS keeps all reports on file, and they are available for purchase. To have the Library order a report or for assistance in ordering a report, please contact the Government Publications Office at (401) 874-2606.

Provided in this guide are indexes and databases for locating NTIS reports.

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