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Textbooks @ URI

This is a brief guide to options for obtaining textbooks.

Official University Bookstore

The University of Rhode Island Campus Store is located at the Kingston Campus. You can check the bookstore's web sites for information on textbooks for courses.

Once you have the textbook information, you can start your search for your books.

Is it on Reserve?

Sometimes instructors will put textbooks on Reserve, which means you can borrow the book from the library for a short period of time.

To search for books on Reserve, you'll need to know your course number (such as LIB 150) or your instructor's last name.


While the area academic and public libraries do not specifically collect textbooks, it may be worth searching their catalogs to see what might be available.

Before searching, make sure you have the title of the book, the author, and the edition (if applicable). Textbooks sometimes have generic titles that are shared with other books, so having more information will make your search easier.

Alternately, the ISBN can be a quick way to search for a book.

Online Bookstores

The links below are possible places to purchase textbooks.

Which Edition Do You Need?

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