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Library Research Tips & Tricks: Optimizing Google Scholar

This guide presents some tools and tricks you can use to make your research easier.

Video Tutorial: Connecting Google Scholar to the URI Libraries

Linking Google Scholar to URI

Did you know that you can configure Google Scholar to offer links back to articles you can get through the University Libraries? Changing a few simple settings is all that's needed.

First, go to Google Scholar - Click on the expansion menu in the upper left, then the gear that appears at the right of the side panel.

Screenshot showing the expansion menu in the upper left, and the settings gear in the side panel.



On the page that follows, click on Library links.


Enter University of Rhode Island in the blank and click the search button. You'll then see the options for connecting to URI's Full Text databases. Check all boxes.

Finally, click "Save." The next time you search, you'll be linked back to URI to locate full text of documents.

Using Google Scholar with a Citation Manager

To add Google Scholar results to your citation manager, click on the quotation marks below the item. This will bring up an overlay with citations in a variety of formats and links to export to several different citation managers.

Screenshot of citation overlay in Google Scholar

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