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URI Libraries Guide for Voting

This is a voting guide for the URI community.


Welcome!  This is a voting guide for the University of Rhode Island community.  Here you will find general and state resources with information on how to register to vote, request absentee ballots, and vote in person. 

How to Navigate This Guide

The home page gives you general information on voting, including websites with voting information and resources for the entire country.  

To get to voter information on your state via your state's voting resources, use the navigation bar on the left.  Voting in New England provides links for you to check your voter registration, register to vote, request an absentee ballot, access state government websites with voting information, and locate contact information for your town clerk/board of canvassers/municipal clerk (essentially who you mail your print forms to or contact for further questions) for each New England state.  The other pages, which list the states alphabetically, give you access to state government websites with voting information, direct links to information about how to register to vote (online, whenever possible--otherwise, by mail), and a link to information about voting by mail/absentee voting.

Finally, there's a page with fact-checking resources and information on finding reliable news sources to help you be an informed voter.  

Make sure your voice is heard this November!

2022 Midterm Election Events

Upcoming Events

I'm Registered to Vote...Now What?

Date: October 26, 2022 (5:30-6:30 p.m.)

Location: Swan Auditorium



Have questions going into the upcoming midterm elections? You are not alone!  This event will include breakout sessions to help you prepare for the midterm election:

  • News literacy and how to not be duped by fake news
  • Finding reliable information on candidates
  • Finding sample ballots
  • General voting information

Join us to learn more about how to be an informed voter in the 2022 election!  

Past Events

Online Voter Registration Couch Party

Date: September 1, 2022 (3-4 p.m.)

Location: Online


Virtual Event! Join us from your couch (or another comfy spot of your choice!) and learn how to find out if you’re registered to vote, how to register (if you’re not already), and how to apply for an absentee ballot. Voting can be confusing, particularly if you’re a first-time voter, and this session is aimed to help demystify the process!

Online Voter Registration Couch Party

Date: September 2, 2022 (12-1 p.m.)

Location: Online

URI Voter Registration Drive

Date: September 20, 2022 (11 a.m.-3 p.m.)

Location: Carothers Library, First Floor Lobby


Description: September 20th is National Voter Registration Day!  Join us at Carothers Library & Learning Commons, and register to vote for the upcoming midterm election this November.  Whether you’re voting in Rhode Island or in another state, you’ll find the resources you need to get started.

"Where should I register to vote?"

College students can register to vote in EITHER their home state OR the state in which they attend college.  Learn more voting facts with Rock the Vote's FAQs.

Election Dates and Deadlines

General Voter Information

Spread the Word: VOTE

According to the United States Census Bureau, only 61.4% of eligible voters voted in the 2016 election.  Surprising, right?  If you want to take an active part in promoting campus in your community, here are a few challenges, ideas, and resources to help get you started:

Student Success Librarian, University of Rhode Island

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