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WRT 104/106 Guide for Instructors

Planning for the library instruction session

WRT Library Pre-Activity Lesson Plan

Concept Map and Research Question


  • Students will use a concept mapping tool to refine their research topic in order to focus on a manageable aspect of the topic for their assignment.
  • Students will write a research question in order to create an effective search strategy.

[Allow 20-30 minutes to complete this classroom activity.]

Introduction/Tutorial - Page 1 (5-10 minutes)

Share the process and example of the Concept Map tutorial (Coffee)

Start with What you know; ask yourself What you need to know
“Brainstorm” the topic
     Place central topic in the middle (page 1)
     Narrow by sub categories (page 1)
     Narrow within subcategories (page 2)
     Make connections

Concept Mapping Worksheet – Page 3 (5-10 minutes)

Students identify their topic and add subcategories and connections

Research Question Development – Page 4 (5-10 minutes)

Introduce the table explaining the Broad/Restricted/Narrow process to develop their research question.

Research Question Worksheet – Page 4 (5-10 minutes)

Using terms from their concept map, students identify their own Restricted and Narrowed topics and create a research question.

Remind students to bring their worksheet to the library instruction session.

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