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General Reserves Guidelines for Faculty

The deadline for faculty to submit materials to be placed on Reserve is 15 days before the start of the semester.

To ensure prompt processing of Reserve materials, please observe the following guidelines:

  1. Fill in all the required information on the Reserves Order Form. A form or forms lacking any of the information will require clarification.
  2. There is a maximum limit of 40 titles per class, with no exceptions allowed.
  3. Should you wish to add materials later in the semester (not exceeding the 40 title maximum), please fill out and submit an additional Reserves Order Form.
  4. Library-owned materials:  Please submit your Reserves Order Form with a listing the books and DVDs that are available in the Library.  Please include the item's or items' call number on the form. 
  5. Personal Copies:  If you want the Library to place copies of items of materials that you own on Reserves, please submit those items to the Circulation Desk with the form included.
  6. Purchasing New Books for Reserves:  Should you wish the Library to purchase a book or books for Reserves, please indicate that on the Reserves Order Form.  
  7. No more than two copies of a book may be purchased for Reserves.
  8. All purchase requests for DVDs that you want placed on Reserves must be submitted to Angel Ferria, Media Curator.  Please contact her via email,
  9. Reference items and books from other libraries cannot be placed on Reserves.
  10. All items placed on Reserves, including personal copies, will have an anti-theft strip applied to them.

Please do not assign Reserves reading until you are notified that your material is on Reserves.

When and if you submit a new edition of a book, the older version will be either reshelved (if a library item) or returned to you (if a personal copy).

Reserves Order Form for Books & DVDs

The Reserves Order Form is a writable PDF.

  • If you have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed on your computer, fill out the form and save it to your desktop. You can then submit the completed form as an email attachment to
  • If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Professional, you can fill out the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader then print the form and submit it at the Circulation Desk.

When placing books or DVDs on Reserves, please note the options available to you: 

  • items can be placed on Reserves for a single semester
  • or, items can be placed on Reserves for an academic year
  • or, if need be, Permanent Reserves.  With Permanent Reserves, you do not need to fill out a form for 5 years (unless you add new material to your Reserves list).  After 5 years, you will need to submit a new list to Reserves and begin the process again. 

Finally - if the Library does not own the material that you need to place on Reserves, that material can be purchased by Reserves. 

  • There is a button on the Reserves Order Form indicating that the listed item or items need to be purchased. 
  • Sufficient time (more than 15 days) must be allotted when submitting purchase orders for an up-coming semester.

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