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Reserves: Reserve List Request Form

General Reserves Guidelines for Faculty

The deadline for faculty to submit materials to be placed on Reserve is 15 days before the start of the semester.

There are 2 Request Forms for Reserves:

  1. Books and DVDs
  2. e-Reserves (articles and book chapters)

To ensure prompt processing of Reserve materials, please observe the following guidelines:

  1. Fill in all the required information on the appropriate order form. Forms lacking any of the information will require clarification.
  2. There is a maximum limit of 40 titles per class, with no exceptions allowed.
  3. Please return your Reserves Request Form with the books, DVDs, photocopied articles, and/or electronic files on a storage device to the Circulation Desk. Or, you may submit the form (and any electronic files) via email.
  4. If you are submitting electronic files for E-Reserves by email, please submit the Reserves Request Form, with full citations included, before you submit your electronic files.
  5. Should you wish to add materials later in the semester (not exceeding the 40 title maximum), please fill out and submit an additional Reserves Request Form.
  6. No more than two copies of a book may be purchased for Reserves.
  7. Reference items, serials, and books from other libraries may not be placed on Reserve.
  8. All items placed on Reserve, including personal copies, will have an anti-theft strip applied to them.

Please do not assign Reserve reading until you are notified that your material is on Reserve.

E-Reserves Guidelines

Items that may be placed on Electronic Reserves are:

  1. Instructor generated material (i.e. class notes, past exams, homework, etc.)
  2. Journal articles (Complete citation information must be provided.)
  3. Book chapters, providing the instructor has met copyright requirements.

To ensure prompt processing of E-Reserve materials, please observe the following guidelines:

  1. If you are submitting journal articles and/or book chapters, you are required to sign the copyright statement on the request form [link to that form located in box below], indicating that each request meets copyright guidelines. Unsigned requests will not be processed. Complete citations are required.
  2. There are three options available to you when submitting material for E-Reserves. They are, in order of preference:
    1. As an email attachment. Files must be in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .tif, .gif., .jpg., or .bmp.
    2. CD/DVD or flash drive containing files in the approved formats listed above.
    3. Photocopies. Photocopies must be new, clear, and clean. No staples or folded/creased sheets will be accepted. All copies must be on standard 8.5 x 11 inch sheets. All copies must be single-sided. To ensure proper sequence, all sheets must be numbered. If submitting photocopies, only one copy of an article is necessary. No photocopies will be kept in the library; the copies will be sent back to you after processing.

Important: Materials submitted for E-Reserves must be fewer than 50 pages long, since large files are difficult to download and print.

Reserves Order Forms: Books & DVDs and e-Reserves

The Reserves List Request Forms are writable PDF documents. If you have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed on your computer, fill out the form and save it to your desktop. You can then submit the completed form as an email attachment.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Professional, you can fill out the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader then print the form and submit it at the Circulation Desk.

When placing books or DVDs on Reserves, please note the options available to you:  items can be placed on Reserves for a single semester or academic year or, if need be, Permanent Reserves.  In regards to this latter category, when and if you submit a new version of the item to replace the older material, the retired version will be either reshelved (if a library item) or returned to you (if a personal copy).

Also in regards to the Reserves order form for books and DVDs:  if the Library own the material that you need to place on Reserves, that material can be purchased by Reserves.  There is a button indicating that the listed item or items need to be purchased.  Please remember, that sufficient time must be allotted when submitting purchase orders for an up-coming semester.

Reserves Contact Information

Carothers Library, Kingston
Liz Smith
(401) 874-5855

Providence Campus Library, Providence
Artie Martino
(401) 277-5136

Pell Library, Narragansett
Joyce Downey
(401) 874-6544

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