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U.S. Census

Introduction on how to find and use the U.S. census

Other Censuses

While the decennial Census of Population and Housing is the most well known, the U.S. government conducts other censuses as well.  They are the Census of Agriculture, the Economic Census, and the Census of Governments.  They are conducted every 5 years in those years ending in 7 and 2.

The Library has the print volumes of some of the historical editions of these censuses.  To see if we own them, do a keyword search in the catalog by the name of the census and the date, e.g. "1982 census agriculture".

Listed below are the web sites for the latest editions of these census and sources on using them.  

Census of Agriculture

This census collects information on number and size of farms and ranches, costs of production, value of products and selected characteristics of the owners.

Economic Census

This census collects data on size and number of business establishments, number of employees, sales, shipments, receipts, payroll, and whether women or minority owned.  Data is arranged by geography or by industry.

Census of Governments

Data is collected on state and local governments to determine the scope and nature of this sector.  Data collected includes number and types of governments, number of employees and payroll, budgets and revenues, and fiscal relationships between governments.

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