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Citizen Science

This guide serves as an introduction to citizen science and highlights available resources for those new and experienced in citizen science work.

Citizen Science Month

What is citizen science?

Citizen science is the practice of engaging the general public in the collection and analysis of scientific data.  It relies upon the participation of curious and engaged citizens who take an active interest in learning more about and improving the world around them.  This work is typically completed in collaboration with professional scientists and organizations.

Citizen science work encompasses a wide range of projects.  Some projects are local and require participants to engage with their communities.  Other projects are global and can be completed online.  

Why is citizen science important? 

Citizen science relies on crowdsourcing and allows for the collection and analysis of large amounts of data.  This data can then be used to further scientific knowledge and advancement. 

What is Citizen Science Month?

Every April, Citizen Science Month celebrates the contributions of enthusiastic and curious citizens in advancing scientific knowledge.  Citizen Science Month is supported by SciStarter, the National Library of Medicine, Arizona State University, the Citizen Science Association, Science Friday, National Geographic, and other organizations and institutions around the world.

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