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A guide to resources of use to those studying economics.


Economics is a broad topic with a wide variety of resources in print and online.  This guide will help you begin to navigate these materials to find information that will help you with your projects.  The guide contains sectons on major types of documents and research that students may be interested in viewing. 

The first section is "Books and General Sources." It provides a brief selection of general reference materials, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries specific to the field of economics, which may be useful to someone just begining their research in economics.  It also contains a brief explanation of searching for additional books in the library along with some suggested search terms. 

The second section has links to the various online databases containing journal articles and other shorter works on economics topics. Most of these resources are subscription services offered through the University of Rhode Island Library and are only available to current students, staff, and faculty.

Statistical data sources and links to economic indicators are found in the third tab. These resources are mostly public information published by various government agencies and are freely available to everyone.

The last tab provides additional resources on various topics in economics. These resources are primarily drawn from the open web and often have a more specific focus or limited scope to their information than the government or subscription sources above. 

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Created and Revised By

J. Austin & A. Rathemacher 12/2011. 

Partly based on "Economic Indicators" M. Boldt

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.