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The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was instituted in 1969 and required that federal agencies must report on any significant environmental impact that may result from an agency action or policy.  The process for determining this impact is called an Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA).  The result of one of these analyses is often a published report called an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  This process has been replicated by many state governments, and similar processes were instituted by many international governments and organizations.

This guide is broken down into tabs:

Handbooks lists volumes available within the URI Carothers Library.  These offer introductory and background information regarding EISs. 

Databases and Internet Resources offers a list of reputable links to various websites regarding EISs.  They offer links to documents, statistics, and more.

EIS via the Catalog provides tips for searching actual EISs in the
URI Libraries Search and on the web.

The menu on the left provides you with hours that librarians are available to help you.  If you need assistance, please feel free to come to the desk, give us a call, or send an IM during these hours.

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