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MAF 651

Guide for searching the literature in marine affairs and applying it to original research.

Conducting Research in Marine Affairs

This guide is an introduction to tools and resources that you will find useful during your graduate studies at URI. While field and laboratory research will be a central part of your studies, library research, including literature searches, will also be a critical component. Efficient and effective research techniques will speed your projects, giving you more time to focus on course work and other tasks.

Remember: Always begin your research as early as possible, so you have time to make use of the full range of resources available to you (including InterLibrary Loan for literature). If you find yourself having trouble finding material, please contact the Info & Research Help Desk or Deborah Mongeau for assistance.

Useful Links

Below are links that may be of some general use to students conducting research through the Robert Carothers Library and Learning Commons.  There are several links to other user guides, as well as some external links.

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