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Guide to selected information on Paleontology available in the URI Libraries.


This is a selection of materials on paleontology located at the University of Rhode Island Kingston campus. The resources included in the pathfinder are recommended as a starting point in undergraduate and/or graduate research.

Suggested Search Strategies

When searching your topic in the catalog, the following subject headings (as well as many others not listed here) can prove very effective:

  • Paleontology- Encyclopedia
  • Paleontology- Bibliography
  • Paleontology- (insert geographic location) for example, Paleontology- New Mexico
  • Paleontology- (insert time period) for example, Paleontology- Jurassic

The above words as well as many others can also be used to conduct a keyword search. It may be helpful to narrow your search down by the species order, time period, and other various limiters. An example of a keyword search would be :

  • (mammal and Cenozoic)
  • (Ornithischia and Abrictosaurus) 
  • (dinosaur and Jurassic)

Also, try browsing the shelves under the LC call number: URI Reference QE 701-760

Department Publications

These are the latest publications from faculty members in this department.

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Alexa Roy, 9/12

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